Tanken, i den mån den finns, är att skriva av mig om kroppsfixering, nakenhet, självkänsla, perfektionism, reklam- och mediainflytande, jämställdhet, sexualisering och annat jag tycker om att skriva om.
Det dyker även upp diverse länkar till saker jag snubblar över.
Är tyvärr inte så frekvent uppdaterad längre, dock enstaka inlägg och scheman för hyrda bad i Uppsala.

tisdag 11 maj 2010

Att växa upp med nakenhet.

Lite snott från den här artikeln om en naturistklubb i Skottland.
Jag tycker detta är intressant och vill gärna höra mer från er som har egna erfarenheter. Oavsett om ni har vuxit upp med strikt ickenakenhet eller i full naturism, hur har det format er?
Though there are no children on Inchmurrin now, everyone says that it is a great place for them to play and hopes that, one day soon, new families will join. "My daughter was carried up here in a carry-cot when she was three weeks old," says Doug, the 65-year-old club chairman. "She virtually grew up on Inchmurrin, and from the time she was three you could let her wander about in the knowledge that people would keep an eye on her. It was so easy and natural."

His daughter, Emma, is now 25. She describes her childhood experiences as a pleasant mixture of liberty and security – free to roam around and explore a beauty spot, she also felt that the adults were a sort of extended family who would make sure she was safe.

Didn't she feel odd, as she got older, being unclothed around her parents? "Because I went from such a young age, it never crossed my mind that it was strange," she says. "It was normal that you might see your parents naked and they might see you naked. There was nothing embarrassing about it at all. I don't have children, but if I did I would be happy to take them to Inchmurrin."

Can she say how growing up in that way might have shaped her? "One of the things is that because you don't rely upon hiding behind clothes you realise that fashion isn't the be-all and end-all. So that's quite liberating."

Early and frequent exposure to naked people of various ages has had a further influence. "I've had conversations with university friends and what I view as normal body image is quite different from most of them. I was more accepting of different body shapes and knew that everybody didn't have to look like the models you see in newspapers and magazines."

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